UMX Catalogue - Fashion Designer Handbag and Designer Purse Hardware - Beaded Handles
HH-P4xx-120 to 143
For Fashion Purses, Handbags, Wood Jewelry Box , Cigar Box Purses, Wooden Cigarbox etc. <click to enlarge >
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Catalogue1, HH-P4xx-1~22, HH-P4xx-23~46, HH-P4xx-47~92, HH-P4xx-94~143, HH-P4xx-180~216, HH-P4xx-230~277, HH-P4xx-284~291,
 Pumpkin-Beads-Series,Love-Heart-Series, Wooden-Beads-Series, Bare-Beaded-Handle-Frames
Designer Handbag, Designer Purse, Cigar Box Purse, Cigar Purse, Jewelry Box, Wooden Box Hardware - Beades HandlesFashion Designer Handbag and Designer Purse Hardware - Plastic Beaded Handles

Catalogue - Purse Hardware - Beaded Handbag Handle - HH-Pxx-120-143

Ordering Guide: Beaded Handles

Ordering Guide: Beaded Handle Frames

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