UMX HH-P4xx-139 Fashion Designer Wedding Handbag Handles
Beaded Designer Handles For Hand Made Fashion Designer Designer Wedding Handbags, Purses, Cigar Purse, Cigarbox Purse or Jewelry Box Purses.
We design and manufacture purse hardware accessories for purse making.

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Catalogue 1, HH-P4xx-1~22, HH-P4xx-23~46, HH-P4xx-47~92, HH-P4xx-94~143,
Pumpkin-Beads-Series,Love-Heart-Series, Wooden-Beads-Series, Bare-Beaded-Handle-Frames

Fashion Designer Wedding Handbag Handle HH-P4xx-139 For Wedding Handbag

Fashion Designer Wedding Handbag Handles HH-P4xx-139 For Wedding Handbags pricing

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