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The Fashion Comes From The Beauty Of Mother Nature
The beauty of nature - rattan cane - with flexible sizes, shapes and styles for your purses, handbags, backpacks, wallet or briefcases fashion handles need.

Cane grows in tropical forest and can be molded into any shape. Due to its qualities it cannot be compared with other organic material. Their are about 200 species of Palm. After its hark and thorns are removed its called as Rattan, Generally these climbing Palm, at the time of harvest is only two inches or less in thickness at its base and maybe upto 600 ft in length. Cane grow abundantly in the tropical forests and can be molded into any shape manually using heat source. The quality such as light weight, solid core, liability is hard to match other organic materials. The two broad classifications of cane furniture are Rattan and Wicker. The Rattan furniture are made of basic cane of varying sizes. The wicker furniture on the other hand contains weaving and fancy work.

Rattan cane center coreRattan Handbag Handle made of high quality rattan poleRattan Handbag Handle made of high quality rattan cane center core

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