YOSHIMURA Motorcycle and Racecar Engines Pops Manufacturing Company Lanyards - Philosophy "Race To Win"

The YOSHIMURA Motorcycle and Racecar Engines Pops Manufacturing Company Lanyards come with Royal Blue Color  Lanyard Straps and  Red / White Color Logo Imprinted. Lanyard straps are royal blue color heavy duty models. Total lanyard straps length: 36", with silk screen imprinted red and white color logo. Lanyard hardware attachments: Metal swivel hooks (j-hooks).
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3/4" Custom Printed Lanyards: YOSHIMURA Motorcycle and Racecar Engines Pops Manufacturing Company Lanyards.

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Hideo "Pops" Yoshimura started the company back in 1954. As you can see from the picture, Yoshimura had a humble beginning. From the original shop in Japan, however, a seed was planted and it started to grow.

The reputation of Yoshimura grew quickly. The motorcycle and racecar engines Pops built were very quick. Soon he had a following of diehard racers. In the seventies, Pops came to America and started up the American division of his company.
Yoshimura R&D of America was born and places like Daytona, Loudon, and Brainerd haven't been the same since. The Yoshimura approach to racing proved very successful. The attention to detail and passion for perfection was instilled in every employee from day one. The products were clearly a cut above the competition and the business grew.

The formula was then, and is now, very simple really, "Concentrate on nothing but performance, quality, and fit... the business will come." Yoshimura today has the same basic formula. While companies come and go trying all sorts of clever marketing plans and developing inferior products, Yoshimura just keeps growing. Our customers know that there will never be compromise with our products. They also know that our knowledge comes straight from the racetrack to our customer.
Pops knew product and he knew racing. In the world of Yoshimura, that's all that counts. Pops' son Fujio took over the business here in the USA and Pops returned to Japan to concentrate on the market there.
When Pops decided it was time to take it a little easy, Fujio went back to Japan to oversee the overall Yoshimura operations.

Suehiro "Nabe" Watanabe took over the reigns of Yoshimura R&D of America and Don Sakakura was promoted to race team manager.

Nabe came up through the ranks at Yoshimura. He started out as a race mechanic and now runs the largest sport bike pipe manufacturing business in the world.

Nabe was blessed with a fundamental understanding of the manufacturing process and has innovated numerous techniques in manufacturing, production, and racing exhaust design. The sum of these innovations is leadership in one of the most competitive segments of the aftermarket.

Don Sakakura is spending more and more time in the day-to-day operations of the company. While still managing the team to three straight Superbike titles, he is heavily involved in the overall management role of the company.

The faces may change at Yoshimura but one thing remains constant, a devotion to racing and building products capable of winning. Yoshimura puts racing first, business second. As it turns out, this philosophy has insured our business success.

Yoshimura's Philosophy:

Yoshimura has a very straight forward philosophy. Our philosophy started way back in 1954 with Pops and is still going strong. We race to win.

The spirit of racing started everything here at Yoshimura, and to this day, drives everything that we do as a company. Yoshimura in business terms could be categorized as a "Lifestyle" company. The primary drive here is the lifestyle of our sport rather than profit motivated business directives. The funny thing is, the more "Core" we are, the more business comes our way.

Fortunately for Yoshimura as a company, the consumer recognizes quality and performance and this keeps our business growing through the years.

This is the force behind everything we do. If we were in this just for the business, we wouldn't be putting so much effort in our racing program.

Yoshimura is a "Core" company that has a crystal clear philosophy. It is through racing that we can develop and test new products at the harshest environment.

An off-shoot of racing, we spend countless hours a year involved in research. The research is used to develop race bikes and then to take this knowledge and develop products for the consumer.
The R&D guys are constantly developing new parts while simultaneously refining existing one. It is not surprising to find them working late into the night and weekends.
With all the state-of-the-art equipment at Yoshimura, it might just be enjoyable to work all those long hours.

Exhaust System Manufacturing:
Yoshimura is the largest sport bike aftermarket pipe manufacturer in the world. We ship out thousands of pipes each month to customers all around the world. Over the many years we have been in business, our reputation has driven sales to the point where we are the industry leader.
Hard Part Manufacturing:
Years ago we decide that to win we needed to manufacture our own components. Stock wasn't an option. Hand made "works" parts were inconsistent in specification and quality at times. As a result, about 25 years ago we started building all of our own CNC parts in house.

Since then, we have added numerous products such as rear sets, triple clamps, engine components, etc. As with all of our products, Yoshimura hard parts are unparalleled in quality and performance."

Specifications: 3/4" Silk Screen Imprinted Custom Lanyards: YOSHIMURA Motorcycle and Racecar Engines Pops Manufacturing Company Lanyards - with White Color Lanyard Straps and Red Color Logo Imprinted Lanyard Supplies.
1. Width of  Lanyards: 3/4".
2. Length of  Lanyard Webbing/Straps: 36".  Optional Length: Any custom length available, like 12", 14",18",20",22",24",32",42",48" and more.
3. Lanyard Webbing/Straps Material: High quality and heavy duty polyester webbing, non-wrinkle lanyard straps.
4. Colors of Lanyard Webbing/Straps:
  1. Royal Blue color.
  2. Standard color available: black, royal blue, navy blue, white, red, yellow, orange, grey, burgundy, dark green, light green, purple and teal colors - minimum order 100 pieces.
  3. Special Pantone PMS colors with a minimum order of 5000 pieces or more.
5. Type of Logo: Silk screen imprinted.
6. Imprint Colors: Red and White color logo
7. Font of Text Logo: Artwork provided by customer.
8. Lanyard Hardware Attachments: Metal swivel hooks (j-hooks).
9. Available Standard and Optional Lanyard Hardware Attachments:
  1. Standard option: metal swivel hooks, key rings or badge clips.
  2. Optional: heavy duty snap hooks, cell phone connector, rubber rings, detachable buckles, safety breakaway buckles and more.
10. Lanyard Applications: Used as YOSHIMURA Motorcycle and Racecar Engines Pops Manufacturing Company ID Holder or Tradeshow Badge Holder Lanyards.
11. Lanyard Minimum Order: 100 Pieces.

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