DUNLOP TIRES and NOPI Lanyards For NOPI NATIONALS Motorsports Supershow: Car Displays, Exhibitions, Motor Shows and Contests

The DUNLOP TIRES and NOPI car displays, exhibitions, motor show and contests Lanyards come with yellow color lanyard straps and red & black color big logo Imprinted. Lanyard straps are yellow color heavy duty models. Total lanyard straps length: 36", with silk screen imprinted red & black color logo. Lanyard hardware attachments: plastic detachable buckles and plastic swivel hooks for holding show tickets.
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1" Custom Printed Lanyards: DUNLOP TIRES and NOPI Lanyards For NOPI NATIONALS Motorsports Supershow: Car Displays, Exhibitions, Motor Shows and Car Racing Contests..

Dunlop Tire and Nopi Lanyards - Related Information

"About Dunlop Tire: Where the smell of hot rubber and the crunch of asphalt beneath beefy wheels are two of life’s finest experiences. Dunlop is about driving. Driving is about Dunlop. And it’s been this way since our beginning.

It all started in 1888, when a small boy struggled to ride a tricycle with solid rubber wheels. John Boyd Dunlop grew tired of watching his son struggle with the cumbersome tires and patented his own design—marking the birth of what we now know as today’s modern-day tire.

The legend grew by leaps and bounds—and RPMs. What started as a tricycle tire grew to become a racing radial for 200 mph motorsport vehicles, way ahead of the times. The Dunlop name became as popular in racing circles as that notorious checkered flag.

So here we are today, thriving on that motorsports heritage. Blending the latest technology with OE experience. Taking everything we learn on the race tracks and incorporating it into tires for the most discerning drivers.

That’s Dunlop. And that’s driving."

About Nopi:

"NOPI NATIONALS Motorsports Supershow
The NOPI NATIONALS Motorsports Supershow is the largest outdoor compact automotive show in the United States. Now in its 18th year at Atlanta Motor Speedway, over 100,000 people attend the two-day car extravaganza each year to view the myriad of car displays, exhibitions and contests. More than 7,000 cars and trucks compete each year for more than $100,000 in cash and prizes.

NOPI Drag Racing Association (NDRA)
The NDRA is the hottest and most innovative sport-compact drag racing series in the U.S. today. The country’s top drag racers come together for 10 races each year and compete for more than $2.5 million and a $140,000 in yearend prize money and the Xbox Cup, the year-end trophy awarded to the top point’s winner in six racing categories. At each NDRA event, sport compact fans can spend the entire day and most of the evening at the track enjoying incredible drag racing action, car shows, swimsuit competitions, burnout contests and concerts with some of hottest names in entertainment.

NOPI TunerVision airs weeknights at 11:30 PM ET/PT and Saturday mornings at 10:30 AM ET/PT on SPEED beginning December 6th. The half hour program features fast cars, intense racing action, live entertainment and an inside look into the automotive lifestyle of the NDRA Series, the world’s premier sport compact racing series. NOPI TunerVision will now air six days a week on SPEED Channel. is the official website of all things NOPI (Number One Parts Inc.). features a one-stop shop for all of your automotive accessories as well as updates on all the action of the NDRA

By introducing fuel-injected technology into stylized import and domestic race cars, NOPiPOWER is the next generation of circle track racing. Circle track racing will never be the same after fans witness the innovative aerodynamic body panels and wings that improve the look and performance of these racing sport coups. In addition to the intense racing, NOPiPOWER events will feature cars shows, swimsuit competitions, burnout contests and foam parties.

Want to find all the best parts to really make your car perform and standout for the crowd? NOPI’s Electronic Catalog (E-Cat) can help you find the right part for your import or domestic sport compact car or truck. Whether you are looking for gauges, wiper blades, nitrous or exhaust, the E-Cat is the place to order quality NOPI parts to customize your car.

NOPI Magazine
NOPI has teamed with American Media, Inc. to create NOPI Street Performance Compact, a new magazine that is the heart and soul of the world of street performance compacts . In every issue of NOPI Street Performance Compact, colorful photographs capture the finest and most outrageous machines prowling the streets, along with the personal stories of the people who brought them to life.

NOPI Chic is the company’s special apparel and car accessories line for women. From t-shirts to tank tops to decals to harness pads, NOPI Chic offers women a line of products to fit their personal style. Log onto for more details. is an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which is a fully customizable personal portal page, that features one-click navigation to news, horoscopes, local weather maps and web searches. customers also have direct links to the NOPI Online Shopping Mall, as well as, all NOPI related web sites.

NOPI Licensing
A new division of NOPI that licenses the official NOPI marks to companies looking to align their brands with the sport compact lifestyle. Automotive products as well as consumer products can affix the NOPI trademark on pack to become an extension of the NOPI brand Licensees’ include Shell Lubricants, Covercraft, American Media and Satisfied Brakes."

Specifications: 1" Silk Screen Imprinted Custom Lanyards: DUNLOP TIRES and NOPI Lanyards For NOPI NATIONALS Motor sports Super show: Car Displays, Exhibitions, Motor Shows and Contests.
1. Width of  Lanyards: 1".
2. Length of  Lanyard Webbing/Straps: 36".  Optional Length: Any custom length available, like 12", 14",18",20",22",24",32",42",48" and more.
3. Lanyard Webbing/Straps Material: High quality and heavy duty polyester webbing, non-wrinkle lanyard straps.
4. Colors of Lanyard Webbing/Straps:
  1. Burgundy color.
  2. Standard color available: black, royal blue, navy blue, white, red, yellow, orange, grey, burgundy, dark green, light green, purple and teal colors - minimum order 100 pieces.
  3. Special Pantone PMS colors with a minimum order of 5000 pieces or more.
5. Type of Logo: Silk screen imprinted.
6. Imprint Colors: White.
7. Font of Text Logo: Arial Bold Font, artwork designed by our lanyard art designer .
8. Lanyard Hardware Attachments: Deluxe heavy duty bolt snaps (trigger snaps).
9. Available Standard and Optional Lanyard Hardware Attachments:
  1. Standard option: metal swivel hooks, key rings or badge clips.
  2. Optional: heavy duty snap hooks, cell phone connector, rubber rings, detachable buckles, safety breakaway buckles and more.
10. Lanyard Applications: Used as Car Displays, Exhibitions, Motor Shows and Contests Lanyards, show ticket holder lanyards or car racing ticket  promotional giveaway free lanyards.
11. Lanyard Minimum Order: 100 Pieces.

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You are Viewing UMX > Lanyards > Lanyards Reference Guide > LY-406HD > DUNLOP TIRES and NOPI Lanyards For NOPI NATIONALS Motorsports Supershow: Car Displays, Exhibitions, Motor Shows and Contests.