Mission Bay High School Rest Room Pass Holder Lanyards

The Custom Printed: Mission Bay High School Rest Room Pass Holder come with Red Color Lanyard Straps and White Color Logo Imprinted. Lanyard straps are red color heavy duty models. Total lanyard straps length: 36", with silk screen imprinted white color logo. Lanyard hardware attachments: metal swivel hooks (j-hooks).
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1" Custom Printed: Mission Bay High School Rest Room Pass Holder Lanyards.

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"Mission Bay High School

Magnet Program

Center for Coastal Studies and Publication/Presentation Technologies

Adjacent to Mission Bay and less than two miles from the Pacific Ocean, Mission Bay High School students walk right outside their classroom to conduct hands-on water research at one of the world’s finest aquatic parks. As a participant in the San Diego City Schools magnet program, Mission Bay High allows students to take advantage of a program that combines Coastal Studies and Publication/Presentation Technologies with a comprehensive academic curriculum. Students have access to state-of-the-art science labs and the finest equipment in com-mercial art, graphic arts and computer-assisted drafting (CAD).

Coastal Studies

Students have the opportunity to experience hands-on course work through extensive lab work and learning activities involving the Pacific Ocean, Mission Bay, and its tributaries. The inquiry-oriented science department takes on the challenge through constructivist labs where students build their own understanding through laboratory investigations. Computer probeware provides science students with a data acquisition system that can instantaneously display data collected. Observing trends as they unfold in real time, students then document their results through digital photography. Students may also enroll in Mission Bay’s exclusive Marine Science elective. This course utilizes active research projects and technology to make scientific measurements, monitor local weather and evaluate environmental effects on the biochemistry and ecology of marine plants and animals in San Diego.

The coastal studies focus is not reserved exclusively for science courses; it is embedded across the curriculum throughout all classes. Students may learn to design and build scientific seacraft, create detailed artwork for trail or visitor centers or study political trends surrounding bay concerns. The program relies on real-world coastal issues and encourages critical thinking skills by providing students, at all levels, opportunities to gather, describe, compare, evaluate, and analyze issues and data.

Publication/Presentation Technologies

Mission Bay’s Publication/Presentation technologies program creates 21st Century learning opportunities that build academic success and student readiness for the modern workplace. Mobile computer laptop carts and wireless technology provide rapid access to the Internet and data analysis tools for historical research, scientific inquiry and investigation of contemporary issues in every subject.

Every classroom at Mission Bay has a state-of-the-art student/teacher multimedia presentation station. Teachers receive specialized training that helps them model effective presentation strategies. Students begin publishing and presenting their work in ninth grade. Over the course of four years, students develop skills in communication and creative expression. By twelfth grade, every student produces an in-depth study and a portfolio of their best work that is then presented to a panel of business and community members, teachers and peers.

In addition to this exceptional school-wide publication and presentation technologies program, the magnet provides the best available equipment for career exploration, specialized electives, internships and tech-prep college credit classes.

Academics at Mission Bay

Mission Bay’s motto is “Pride, Excellence, Dignity.” These characteristics are products of the school’s rigorous, exciting academic curriculum—a curriculum that offers a full range of challenging classes, including Advanced Placement, GATE, honors classes, three world languages, AVID, Environmental Science, Marine Biology and Seminar classes. The school’s challenging academic program produces students who are effective communicators, critical thinks, quality producers, self-directed planners and responsible citizens, all of which provide Mission Bay students with the tools they need to succeed in the future."

Specifications: 1" Silk Screen Imprinted Mission Bay High School Rest Room Pass Holder Lanyards: Magnet Program - Center for Coastal Studies and Publication/Presentation Technologies.
1. Width of  Lanyards: 1".
2. Length of  Lanyard Webbing/Straps: 36".  Optional Length: Any custom length available, like 12", 14",18",20",22",24",32",42",48" and more.
3. Lanyard Webbing/Straps Material: High quality and heavy duty polyester webbing, non-wrinkle lanyard straps.
4. Colors of Lanyard Webbing/Straps:
  1. Red color.
  2. Standard color available: black, royal blue, navy blue, white, red, yellow, orange, grey, burgundy, dark green, light green, purple and teal colors - minimum order 100 pieces.
  3. Special Pantone PMS colors with a minimum order of 5000 pieces or more.
5. Type of Logo: Silk screen imprinted.
6. Imprint Colors: White color.
7. Font of Text Logo: News 706 BT Font, lanyard artwork designed by our artist.
8. Lanyard Hardware Attachments: metal swivel hooks (j-hooks).
9. Available Standard and Optional Lanyard Hardware Attachments:
  1. Standard option: metal swivel hooks, key rings or badge clips.
  2. Optional: heavy duty snap hooks, cell phone connector, rubber rings, detachable buckles, safety breakaway buckles and more.
10. Lanyard Applications: Used as Mission Bay High School Rest Room Pass Holder lanyards.
11. Lanyard Minimum Order: 100 Pieces.

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