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UMX - Universal Mercantile Exchange, Inc.

UMX. provides 3 ways to order products:

By Phone: Call Toll Free 1-800-921-5523 (USA)

By Fax: Print this Order Form on Your Printer and fax it to us at (626) 851-8561

Online: Complete the form below and submit it to UMX.

Note: we do not use the information you provided in this form for anything else but our own contact information. Your information is absolutely confidential.

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Category: Lanyards, Holders, Reels, Clips, Custom, Safety, Ez, UL, SC, DA, Wrist, Wristband, Cell-Phone, Leashes, Making, Hooks

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Any quantity of orders are welcome, but for any item, if the quantity ordered is listed on the first column of pricing list, it will be treated as small sample order. Therefore CANNOT be returned or exchanged. All items sold by the foot, such as cords, rhinestone chains, etc, will be considered as a custom order, and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged.
All merchandise returned must be within 30 day of the day shipped; with a 15% of minimum restocking fee. All shipping charges are not refundable.
Custom or special orders can NOT be returned or exchanged.

(All pricing are subject to change without notice, call for current pricing)

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