Acrylic Beads: Beaded Acrylic Beads with Unique Acrylic Beading Bead Colors, Arts and Shapes For Jewelry Making From Factory Direct Acrylic Bead Stores.
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We supplies a variety of acrylic beads and acrylic bead supply with different style of colors, arts and shapes available. Our unique, shining and colorful acrylic beads will meet your beaded jewelry, beaded necklaces, beaded gemstone and diamond bead crafts' application. We can do custom color acrylic beads to match your craft's colors. Please check our online wholesale beads catalogs for more acrylic beads supply information. Our acrylic faceted beads, acrylic diamond beads, acrylic rhinestone beads or acrylic jewelry beads are good for jewelry making. We have crystal clear white, Christmas red, purple, light green, black, burgundy, amber, royal blue, yellow, pink, navy blue, orange, gold, Christmas green and forest green acrylic beads. We can make custom acrylic beads with a variety of colors option such as agate, amethyst, aqua, aquamarine, argent, comet, citrine, garnet, jade, jonquil, lilac, dorado, emerald, erinite,  olivine, onix, opal, Padparadscha, peach, peridot, ruby, satin, Siam, smoke, smoky, tangerine, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, violet, sapphire, zircon and more. Just send your fabric or color patterns to us, our in house dye masters will make a custom acrylic beads for you ! We are acrylic beads supplies manufacturer, wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, retailers , importers and exporters. We make faceted acrylic beads as well as round, barrel, cylindrical, oval, flower, floral, cross, animal, bee hive, beehive, bi-cone, bicone, cylinder, daisy, disk, donut, drum, flat, lantern, nugget, pillow, pottery, ring,  rondelle, Saturn, saucer, spiral, stone, tear drop, teardrop, tube, square, triangle, walnut shape acrylic beads. We are wholesale acrylic beads stores and wholesale acrylic bead shops. You can shop or buy unique acrylic beads with cool feature acrylic bead colors, arts and shapes online.
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UMX > Beads > Acrylic Beads.


Acrylic Beads: From Factory Direct Bead Store.

You are viewing  UMX > Beads > Acrylic beads.
Acrylic Beads: Beaded Acrylic Beads with Unique Acrylic Beading Beads Colors, Arts and Shapes From Factory Direct Acrylic Bead Stores.

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What's Acrylic ? By 1936, American, German and British companies were producing Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), better known as Acrylic. Although acrylics are now well-known for the use in paints and synthetic fibers, such as ID cards, ID badge holders, acrylic beads, acrylic glass, acrylic buttons, bracelets, brooches, chokers, crafts, crystal, diamond, earrings, gemstone, jewelry, necklace, rhinestone, stone, gem stone, rosary, hair pins, sticks, leather and fake furs. In their bulk form they are actually very hard and more transparent than glass, and are sold as glass replacements under trade names such as Plexiglas and Lucite. Plexiglas was used to build aircraft canopies during the war, and it is also now used as a marble replacement for countertops. The first commercial production of acrylic fiber in the United States was in 1950 by E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company, Inc. Today's acrylic is an incredibly versatile fiber. Whether blended with other fibers or alone, acrylic has extraordinary fashion, durability,  performance and ease of care benefits.

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  • Acrylic Brooch Beads and Brooches Making
  • Acrylic Choker Beads and Chokers Makings
  • Acrylic Craft Beads and Crafts Making
  • Acrylic Crochet Beads and Crochets Making
  • Acrylic Crystal Beads and Clear Crystal Bead Supply
  • Acrylic Diamond Beads with Variety of Diamond Shapes
  • Acrylic Earring Beads and Earrings Making
  • Acrylic Faceted Beads with Round or Diamond Shapes
  • Acrylic Gemstone Beads and Gemstone Jewelry Making
  • Acrylic Gem Stone Beads and Gems Stone Jewelry Making
  • Acrylic Glass Beads and Bead Supply
  • Acrylic Hair Beads Beaded Acrylic Hair Sticks, Pins and Rings Bead Supply
  • Acrylic Handbag Beads
  • Acrylic Jewelry Beads and Jewelry Making
  • Acrylic Necklace Beads and Necklace Making
  • Acrylic Neck Lace Beads and Neck Lace Making
  • Acrylic Ez-Adjustable Beads and Patterns Making
  • Acrylic Plastic Beads High Quality Low Cost
  • Acrylic Pony Beads
  • Acrylic Purse Beads
  • Acrylic Rhinestone Beads and Rhinestone Jewelry Making
  • Acrylic Rhine Stone Beads and Rhine Stone Jewelry Making
  • Acrylic Spacer Beads at Round, Disk, Flat, Barrel, Cylinder Shapes
  • Acrylic Stone Beads and Bead Store with Variety of Colors and Shapes
  • Acrylic Rosary Beads For Rosaries Making
  • Acrylic Prayer's Beads For All Religion of Prayers
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