UMX LY405-HD 3/4" Heavy Duty Name Badge Holder Custom Lanyards Reference Guide

A Complete Lanyards Reference Guide About Lanyard Straps, Webbings, Custom Imprint, Woven Logo and Hardware Attachments.
The following pages will have a detail samples of how to pick a right lanyards to fit your application. The main category will include name badge holder lanyard straps, webbings, way of imprinted custom name badge holder lanyards and lanyard hardware attachments.

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Custom LY405-HD 3/4" Name Badge Holder Lanyards - Silk Screen Imprinted
3/8" Neck or wrist badge holder lanyards made of heavy duty polyester material.
 Heavy Duty
 Custom Logo Imprinted
Reflective Color Printed
 Just Pick This Color  For Extra Safety Protection At No Extra Cost.
Universal String Connectors
Cell Phone Style of Connectors For Lanyards and Retractable Reels.
Lanyard Straps
PMS Color Reference Guide For Custom Imprint
The Power of
American Flag Logo Printed.
Retractable Lanyards = Retractable Badge Holders, Reels,  Clips, Key Chains or Swivel Hooks + Lanyards.
Heavy Duty Custom Lanyards with Silk Screen Imprinted LogosHeavy Duty Custom Lanyards with Silk Screen Imprinted Logos Great Reflective Lanyards For Cool Reflective ID Badge Safety Lanyards. Universal Cell Phone Strings: For USB Flash Drives, Flash Lights and Small Meters. Lanyard Webbing PMS Color ( Pantone Matching System ) - Color Webbings Reference Guide. Heavy Duty Patriotic Lanyards with Option of Safety Breakaway buckles, or Velcro Breakaway Connectors. Retractable Lanyards = Retractable Badge holders, Badge Reels, Badge Clips, Key Chains or Swivel Hooks + Lanyards

Reference #:   1628
All That Music! DVD, CD, Memorabilia, Buttons and Posters Discount Stores


Reference #:   2326
Beach City Lightning, Hockey Club, Hockey League, Hockey Tournament


Reference #:   0337
Buckeye Girls State: Designed to Educate Ohio's Young Women's Programs in the Duties, Privileges, Rights and Responsibilities of Good Citizenship


Reference #:  1969
BERETTA Trademark  - with Navy Blue Color  Straps and White Color Logo


Reference #:  1649
CARD SHARKS, Indoor Professional Football Club, Football League, Football Tournament - Black Color  Straps and Pantone PMS 301 Blue Color Logo


Reference #:  1690
Center for Scientific Review - The National Institutes of Health - Agency of  the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Reference #:  2349
D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix Series Computer Games Sales Promotional Series


Reference #:  0597
Diamond Bar High School (DBHS) - D.B.H.S. Seniors Class of 2003


Reference #:  0264
G.O. University Learning as we GO - Educational Inspiration Program - Name Badge Holder


Reference #:  0590
Hero Product Placement + Phone Number + Web Address+ Graphic Logo


Reference #:  1640
Hino Diesel Trucks (U.S.A.) - HINO TRUCKS with 3-Color Logo


Reference #:  0661
3/4" High Quality 5-Color Silk Screen Imprinted KidKraft Toys & Furniture Company


Reference #:  1635
KIRKWOOD CLASSIC Tournament Event - Kirkwood Youth Hockey Association, Hockey Tournament Player


Reference #:  0778
Knott's Berry Farm Since 1991 World-Class Thrills, Fun and Family Entertainment


Reference #:  1561
Kumho Tires - Race Proven Performance Tires - Car Racing Tires Company


Reference #:  1637
MERITECH - I HAVE CLEAN HANDS - with Royal Blue Color  Straps and White Color Logo


Reference #:  1992
The McMath Middle School Identification or Name Card Holders


Reference #:  1891
Petrotrin Energy Based People Powered - Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited


Reference #:  0749
Custom Printed The Golf Digest Companies


Reference #:  0833
Sandollar Tanning - North Alabama's Premier Tanning Salon!


Reference #:  1991
Seahawks Stadium - QWEST FIELD - with Light Green Color  Straps and White, Blue (PMS 5405C), Navy Blue (PMS 369C) Color Logo Imprinted 


Reference #:  0720
Shawsheen Valley Regional Technical High School Student, Teacher or Staff's Badge Holder  - With Detachable Buckles and Keychains


Reference #:  2177
SOUNDEXCHANGE - with Purple  Straps and Orange Color Logo


Reference #:  1754
SPECTRAlytics - A PRECO COMPANY - Laser Cutting, Welding and Drilling Factory with Royal Blue Color Straps and Yellow Color Logo


Reference #:  1899
Stucky Storm - Stucky Middle School Lanyards


Reference #:  1767
TOSHIBA - with White Color  Straps and Red Color Logo


Reference #:  0847
Winslow Eagle - Winslow Township High School  Students, Staffs, Teachers' ID Holder


Reference #:  1716
YOSHIMURA Motorcycle and Racecar Engines Pops Manufacturing Company - Philosophy "Race To Win"


Lanyards, Badge Holders, Badge Reels, Badge Clips, Pricing

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